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How well do mobile phone signal booster kits actually work?

There are many products currently available that make a lot of promises they can’t fulfill.  Not the case with Mobile Repeater products.  By using the same technology that mobile carriers use, Mobile Repeater offers a first rate product developed for consumers.  Mobile Repeater signal boosters use a high gain aerial antenna to pick up the signal, which is then funneled to the repeater.  The repeater amplifies the signal so that it is strong and clear, indoors or in your vehicle.

Why is my signal so weak when I go indoors?

The ability of mobile signals to pass through buildings is affected by a number of factors, including what kind of material the building is made of, how dense the walls are, how many windows the building has, and how tall the building is, in addition to how far away you are from the nearest cell tower.  Many people who have the most trouble with weak signal live in rural areas where towers there are fewer towers.  They may have trouble getting a good signal even when they’re outdoors.

Can I get a stronger signal with a Mobile Repeater?

Many cell phone users have had network issues of one kind or another during the time they use their mobile phone.  From weak or no signal, to poor call quality and dropped calls, weak signals and network congestion both cause a variety of problems, especially indoors.  If you find yourself battling any of these issues at your home, workplace or vehicle, a mobile repeater can boost a weak signal and give you full reception with a strong mobile signal and high call quality.  It can also help if you find yourself having trouble with text messages getting through, 3g broadband or anything else you might want to do with your mobile phone.  For data service, a mobile repeater can both increase your coverage area and also speed up your data transfers and help you use your mobile phone or data card to its fullest extent.

Keep in mind that a mobile repeater takes an existing signal that may be too weak to be useful and amplifies it to make it strong enough to be reliable and useful.  It cannot create a signal where no signal exists.  You can determine whether a repeater will work for you, and the ideal spot to place one, by finding out where, either in or near your home or office, your cell phone is able to pick up any signal, even if it is weak.  If your phone can pick up a signal, the mobile repeater can not only pick it up, but amplify it to produce a good strong signal that you can use.  If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Is installing a cell phone signal repeater difficult?

Not at all.  You do not need any kind of technical knowledge to install your mobile repeater.  The kit includes everything you need to enhance the mobile signal in your home or office and simple step by step instructions to install your repeater.  If you can read and use a few basic hand tools, you can install your repeater yourself.

What advantages will I see using a mobile repeater?

The first and most obvious advantage you’ll see using a mobile repeater is better reception.  The signal will, of course, be strongest near the repeater.  If a repeater is installed in an area with a weak one or two bars of reception, the repeater can amplify it into a solid four bars.  Some people have even been able to turn a signal that is too weak to be picked up by a cell phone and turned it into a hot spot.  Stronger signal translates into clearer reception and fewer calls dropped.

Improved signal doesn’t just improve call quality, it can also speed up your broadband data services and make them more reliable as well.