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4 Tips to Make the Most out of your weBoost Eqo Mobile Phone Signal Booster

The weBoost Eqo is one of the newest mobile phone signal boosters from weBoost. It was built with ease of installation in mind.

You see, most other mobile phone signal boosters, some weBoost mobile phone signal boosters included, require cumbersome antenna installations.

Most of the external antennas needed to be installed on the roof of the house which is not only dangerous but also impossible for nearly a lot of people.

With that in mind, weBoost created the Eqo to alleviate the problem of cumbersome external antenna installations.

The weBoost Eqo comes with a windowsill unit that acts as the external antenna and it also comes with the amplifier unit with an internal antenna inside.

Even though the weBoost Eqo is easy to install, a lot of people are not satisfied with the results they’ve been getting.

In this article, I will talk about the four tips to help you get the most out of your weBoost Eqo mobile phone signal booster.

  1. The Windowsill unit placement. The Windowsill unit acts as the external antenna that grasps weak existing signals. To ensure that the windowsill unit is working as intended, it needs to be placed in a strategic location. It needs to have at least 15 feet of separation between the windowsill unit and the amplifier unit. This is to ensure that oscillation will not happen or the interference between the signals. I think most people who are having problems with the weBoost Eqo is entirely because of this fact. Make sure to space out both of the units together and have them separated by a considerable distance.

  2. Amplifier placement. The weBoost Eqo comes with an amplifier with a built-in internal antenna. The internal antenna will be the one rebroadcasting the amplified signals. To ensure that you get the best possible signal coverage, you should place the amplifier unit in the middle portion of your house. Most people might have overlooked this important step that is why they’re not getting enough mobile phone signals in their homes.

  3. Make use of Signal Analyzing Apps. If you really do not know where to place the amplifier unit or the windowsill unit, then make use of signal analyzing apps. There are a lot of them on both the Android mobile phones and iPhones. Just download one of these signal analyzing apps and allow them to discern where you should place both of the weBoost Eqo units. To make sure that it is the right place, the signal strength should be close to zero as possible.

  4. Make sure that the product is not defective. This only happens as a worst case scenario but the weBoost Eqo, as well as other mobile phone signal boosters, might be faulty from the get-go. If you do not get the benefits of the weBoost Eqo, then you might have a faulty unit. Since the weBoost Eqo comes with a 2-year warranty, be sure to return the product and they will have it replaced free of charge!

The weBoost Eqo is a powerful mobile phone signal booster; able to amplify weak mobile phone signals up to 32x more than other mobile phone signal boosters on the market.

If you’ve bought one and you want to maximize it to its full potential, then be sure to follow the four tips I’ve mentioned above.